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Model 101: Industry Jargon Explained

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

When I first started modelling words were thrown at me like "casting", "rollovers" and "go-c". Luckily I had an awesome agent who sat me down and explained everything as it came up.

Like all industries, fashion and modelling has its own terms and words that are pretty unique and sometimes indecipherable. So if you're new to the industry or just want to know what the hell they're talking about when watching a "Next Top Model" episode, I hope this little video can serve as a useful guide.

Without further ado, here is the breakdown of everything in the video:

Go-see (Go-c): Going to see a client without a specific job they're casting for.

Book (Portfolio): A portfolio of photographs and work, taken to show clients at castings and go-c's. (Usually large and heavy!)

Castings: Similar to a Go-c, but a client will have a specific shoot in mind that they are "auditioning" you for.

Fitting: When a model has booked a job, the client will sometimes bring them in earlier to fit garments to them to ensure they have the correct sizes.

Test Shoot (TFP): Time for print or Test shoot, when a model and photographer collaborate for a creative shoot. This can sometimes involve a makeup artist, stylist and art director depending on the scope of the project.

Agency Fees: A fee the agency charges the client on top of the percentage they take from the models wage.

Beauty Shot: A closeup shot to display makeup/skin/portrait of the model.

Booker/Agent: The person at a modelling agency who books jobs for you. They can also be a manager of sorts, and sometimes a really good friend!

Booking Out: When a model has other commitments outside of work and anything that would appear on their chart, they need to "book out" with their agent to ensure nothing gets double booked.

Cattle Call: A casting where pretty much every applicable model has been sent to, without the client making pre-selects. Expect to see hundreds of models at these.

Comp Cards (Composites): A small card that has photos, measurements and agency contact details on it.

Any others you can think of that you want explained? Write them down in the box below!

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