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Born in Melbourne, Australia, to a Chinese mother and German immigrant father, Melissa has always been fascinated with music and storytelling

Descending from a long line of musicians and creatives, she started performing and writing music at a young age. Her music career has taken her to many iconic bars and stages in Australia and around the world.

Her writing career began by a combination of chance and being in the right place at the right time, with the right skillset.

Having worked on a sci-fi novel for the past 5 years, she was approached by the editor-in-chief at Terrior Magazine to become a staff writer for their arts and creative magazine.

As a writer for them, she has interviewed various A-list actors, up and coming actors, artists, writers, agents and creatives. She currently freelances for, a  music blog that specialises in reviews of live musical performances.

Her curiosity and imagination naturally led her into the world of script writing, after having spent much time on set as an actor and working around other creatives.
Writing short films and currently in story development in Australia for TV series "Boys of Summer", Melissa aims to release thought provoking and original content for audiences worldwide.

Melissa was first signed to Chadwick Models when she was 15 and began her illustrious career working in markets all around the world.

Many highlights of her career to-date, include walking for Queen Sirikit of Thailand during the Thai silk fashion show, Gucci, Bvlgari, Chanel and many other haute couture houses during fashion week.

Having amassed an impressive list of both commercial and editorial works, she has garnered a reputation for being highly professional and skilled in posing.

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