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The Neu Mer Story

You might be wondering why my page is called NeuMer, or you might even be asking "What on earth is a Neu Mer??" It started out as an amalgamation of some of my passions. Photography, travel, art, creativity, eco friendly products, the ocean and fashion. I wanted create a brand that made eco friendly and recycled items that represented the ocean. From my years in fashion i've seen how fast fashion is ruining and polluting the earth, and creating an unhealthy expectation of buying something new at a below living wage cost for the workers who make the garments.

I started with bags. They were made ethically here in Canada by lovely seamstresses who worked 8 hour days in a clean and light filled workspace, and they spoke to me about the holiday's they were taking and family they had at home. I used recycled water bottles turned into a polyester material for the linings, and a vinyl outer that printed both my photography and friends from around the world.

These bags were just the beginning.

But then life and my ever nomadic lifestyle hit me. Of course it's no excuse, but I had to factor in whether I would be giving the project my absolute best, if I was distracted by pending work visa's for other countries, looking to move to another couple of cities in the next year, and also pushing my music, writing and acting. So the NeuMer bag project itself is on hold for now, but I can always feel it calling out to me. Once I'm settled in a new city I'm sure I'll start the passion project up again. (and don't rule out any small side projects) But for now I'm happy to be writing my blogs, and working on my 10284301679 other projects!

Stay tuned for updates on Neu.Mer...

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