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Cleansing Routine in Under 3 Minutes

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Sometimes you're in a rush, and you don't really have time to take your makeup off between work, castings or auditions before heading to the gym.

You might be tempted to workout with your makeup on and I totally get it, but whatever you do DON'T DO IT! Please for the love of god don't work out with makeup on!

Great skin is 40% genetics, 30% diet and 30% skincare routine. But lets be real, if you're treating your skin like it's your dirty clothes in your hamper - only washing it when you need a new outfit, then good genetics or not, your skin is going to be struggling to stay looking fresh and bright.

Stop making excuses today, and promise me you'll never work out with makeup on again! Watch below my easy under 3 minute video on how I go from audition makeup to barefaced and ready to workout!

Product listing (in order of appearance):

Keep Cool - Ocean Oil (*I received this as a part of a trial from Keep Cool)

Nivea - Sun Protect Water Gel 50+ (They don't actually sell the water gel outside of Japan, so I've linked it to Nivea's milk version. But I also love Skin Aqua - Sunplay 50+ Sunscreen.)

Note: I make a small commission of anything linked and purchased from amazon, however I have personally purchased all these items myself.

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